Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Favorite Sport Is Rugby T3W2 - By Timeus

My favorite sport is Rugby
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This information report is about a Rugby that was being invented by William W. Ellis. He invented it long time ago with pigskin, and Leather skin. And then he  became a Rugby player legend in the game.

Paragraph 1:
Did you know that A greatest rugby player called William W. Ellis and he invented a Rugby ball long time ago and he used it with pig skin to make sure it not hard but little soft so it won’t be flat.

Paragraph 2:
Did you know that William W. Ellis lived in New Zealand long time ago, And he started playing Rugby and he went to other Countries that he played around and he became legend at rugby and the people were so Unbelievable to him and the countries.

Paragraph 3:
And Did you know that William W. Ellis eats lots of healthy food and Vegetables so he can get Skinny and more fit in training and learning how to pass the to the rugby player.

Did you know that William W. Ellis was born in 1806 from near the Manchester, lancashire and he became a Rugby player?. William W. Ellis was a Greatest Rugby player in the world and that is why William W. Ellis is a fast player in the game of Rugby world cup.  

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