Thursday, 13 August 2015

NHL Information Report T3W4 2015 - By Timeus

My Favorite Sport is Ice Hockey
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Did you know that Ice hockey or NHL is a game that was invented in Los Vegas and it was Built with ice and The Players Had to wear those Ice skating Shoes so they won’t get slippy and they won’t Fell off. Players may have caused them into a fight if the referee see anything suspicious.  

Paragraph 1:
When they first made NHL, The Players wanted to sign up NHL as a player and train them so they can get better and more stronger and faster in the game, And the coach's name their team’s and then the public Announcement called out the team as the Players come out of their club.

Paragraph 2:
In 1916, The NHL started in November 16th 1917 and the Players Sign the NHL Ice Hockey game, Sometimes Players had coach’s, But some coaches are good but they don’t train their team because they want their team to lose and the Players train them in another team.

Paragraph 3:
And Their is a Player and his name is Glenn Anderson, He was a Right wing Defender and he won Ten Gold Medals in Ten Games and he was train as his coach, He also Sign up for NHL in November, 1917. But his tricks was cool amazing in the game and He was chosen as a player in NHL/Ice Hockey.

We wanted players to train really hard and to become the most legend players in the whole wide world and to have coaches training their Players and their team really hard and learn New skills and New Ability, And to try and be more skilled and ability in the game of NHL or Ice Hockey anyway.     

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