Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Story Starters T3W3 - By Timeus

Title:  Story  Starters
Write a short newspaper article about a grumpy owl who becomes principal for a day

Once upon a time there was a grumpy owl who lived in his house with his friends. The grumpy wanted to go to school and become a principal for a day. So he had to find a job so he can become a great principal of the school for a day. Then after he went to find a job, He found a easy job. it was a shop and there was food, drinks and sweets. So he to ask the owner of the shop if he can work at the shop. And the said 'Yes' to the grumpy owl. Then he found his first job. The grumpy owl was being working for hours and after that he take a break and went back home, After when he wake up, He went to the school and to the principal's office. The principal ask 'How can I help you?' and the grumpy owl said 'Can I be a principal in this school, And the principal said 'Sure'. And that is why he became a principal of this school.

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