Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Imaginative Recount T4W3 2015 - By Timeus

First Stepped On The Moon

I was going to sleep and after I Slept, I had a dream about becoming an Astronaut and about Stepped on the Moon for the First time. I was signing up as an Astronaut for me to go in the rocket to see the solar system, So I got sign up for the US Space Department. It was my first mission to go up in Space and see all the planets and Asteroids. I walk all the way to the
rocketship and the speech was ready for me to blast, He said “3, 2,
1,BLAST OF!.” So I blast off into Space.

I was Imagining about sleeping in the planets with my blanket and pillow, After when I was Imagining, I arrived in Space and I was happy because I saw lots of planets from across the Solar System, I thought the planets were not real but it was real. So I went to my first mission which it was the ‘Moon,’, So I had a flag in my Rocketship and I was ready to go to the ‘Moon,’ It was far away from the ‘Earth’ to the ‘Moon.’

After Moments later, I finally reach the ‘Moon,’ So I land the ship on the ‘Moon’ safely on the ground, I got out of the ship and touch my foot on the ground, I realized that I thought it was soft like pillow cushion But now I had my first Footprint in the ‘Moon.’  

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