Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Reflection Writing About Bill english giving his first speech as Prime Minister By Timeus


Please include a link if you are reflecting on an article
English gives first speech as prime minister

Introduction:What are the big ideas in this report/activity?
Opening Statement (no more than one sentence) - WALT
Brief description about what you will be discussing in your reflection.
This is a article about Bill english giving his first speech as a new prime minister and how would he make these New Zealanders a happy place to be.
Paragraph One
Things to discuss:
  • Who was involved?
  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
Subtitle here
Bill english gives his speech as the 36th prime minister. He was outlined things that his government would do in 2017
Bill english attack the opposition parties from the moanings of new Zealanders
A couple of people were there at the ministry
Paragraph Two
Things to discuss:
  • How did it happen? (Re-tell what happened in your own words?)

Subtitle here
Bill english had something in common that he would announce his speech to the ministry as a prime minister
Bill english is giving a speech because he wants to make these New zealanders a happy place to be and not have a war against fights around the region
Paragraph Three
  • Why did it happen? ( What was the purpose of the event?)
  • What did you learn?
  • What did you find challenging?
  • What is your opinion on what happened?
  • How did you feel after reading the article OR after experiencing the activity?

Subtitle here
Because of his government and how he found that challenging to attack one of the opposition parties.
And this article will make me learn how to make sure that Bill english is doing the right thing
And this found it challenging about the words that he said in the ministry
It made felt that I’m reading a article
Diagrams/Images supported with information
  • Enhance your work with appropriate images of what your reflection is about.
No image
  • Summarise what your reflection is about ( one sentence)
  • How did you feel about what you wrote about? (two sentences…
  1. The first sentence explains HOW you feel.
  2. The second sentence  explains WHY you feel that way.

This is about bill giving his first speech as the new prime minister.

And It made me feel shocked because how he giving his first speech.

The reason why I felt that way is because since john key was resigned as prime minister and Bill english is the new Prime minister, So I think that bill english is nervous about this speech that he is giving.

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