Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Timeus Dunkirk Creek with Buddies

On Monday 27th February, We went to the Broadway East Creek Reserve at Dunkirk Rd with our Buddies and mine too. We went for a walk with our buddies to the Reserve creek and we (Our Buddies) saw houses and boats outside the gate as we walked, We also saw a big field and the ocean at the front of the field and as we still walked, We stop at a sign that says 'Broadway East Reserve' creek. So we stopped at a tree to rest and our teachers gave us Pictures of the creek. The instructions are that with our buddy we to tell our buddy what they can see at the creek and tick it off on one of the photos from the paper that they were given. So me & my buddy went to look around and found a sewer with a gate being blocked from my side and so we ticked that from the list. The next photo that we are supposed to find. Finally after that we found all the pictures in the paper that it says and then we went back to school & back home. 

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