Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Timeus Kiwican Reflection 2017

On Tuesday 21st February, We had kiwican today at the hall at Tamaki Primary School. We were getting into four groups in four teams for Kiwican.

So what we did today is we had to try and follow the instructions of the game. E.g. When they play a music, They will try to pretend that they are rich as the song plays and we had to get into buddys and talk about Our name, Favorite food & What do you want to be.

Then we had a role play of a scenario. So there were 4 different Scenario and had to try and come up a way to show that Scenario. And all of the groups were funny and I laughed so hard. And this was the last session for kiwican & then Kiwican is going to a next session.

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