Friday, 10 February 2017

What I did in the Weekend By Timeus

In the weekend, I went to Waikato city centre at the river to see mountains across the ocean. I use my drone to see what it looks like when the drone is high in the sky and I saw the largest ocean in the waikato area. And then we went back to my family's house and had a dinner at the kitchen. Then we went shopping with my mum to buy some stuff for our beach day and towels for us to try ourselves. After shopping we went to a kawakawa bay where the beach and me and my family were going for a swim. There were shells underneath the water and it was hard and sharp to walk on. After that the tide started to decreased and it turned into a muddy ocean. There was a sign that say to only have 50 cockles in the ocean. So we went to find some in the ocean and I was the first one to find a crockle in the ocean. Crockles are nice to cook in the pot and the shells will open. So after my family were collecting. We went in the car and drove a 10 minute drive to our home and started cocking our cockles in the pot

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