Friday, 24 March 2017

Kia Manawanui Year 7/8 Syndicate 2017 By Timeus

Thursday 16th March
We went to the polyfest 2017 with the Year 7 / 8 syndicate. We were so excited to celebrate it for 42 years ago and now a new future has started. And the reason why I’m writing this is because to help people celebrate the polyfest for 42 years and letting them review on what we are doing.

On Thursday 16th March 2017. Year 7/8 Syndicate were excited to visit the polyfest 2017 at manakau to see the polynesian groups performing on stage. But first we had to check our bags by opening our bags and searching in our bags. When we passed down to the entrance we waited for our teachers to tell us what to do next. Then one teacher Mrs Aireen told to get into our groups and we had to stay in that group until we get to the bus at 2 : 30.

The first stage that we went to was the Maori Group. Maori group is one of the languages of New Zealand and was found by polynesian tribes 1,000 years ago. We saw some different culture people at the maori group but it’s alright to join any culture group. A lot of people came to watch the Maori group perform at the polyfest. I felt encouraging on their performance and giving them a try on their performance. The next we explore the polyfest but we had to stick together or else we can’t find the person that is lost. First one of our group wanted to get a drink or smoothie from one of the shops that have it. So we waited until the group came back together. After a couple hours we waited for the whole group to come before coming back to school.

I saw my group tired of the polyfest and some of the people were sleeping on the bus. I felt tired of the trip. What we should’ve done was staying at the polyfest for a little bit before getting on the bus. Next time after the polyfest I should try out the flava radio.  

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