Friday, 31 March 2017

Timeus Caring our Environment at Home 2017

Caring for our environment at home is also another way of taking care of our Tamaki environment.

The environment at home is a special place for everyone so it’s important to show Manaakitanga at home. This means building positive relationships with our family members and keeping homes tidy so it is safe to live in. If we do not show Manaakitanga then people may be homeless and may be sick. Houses around New Zealand must be nice and tidy so no sickness would occur around the house. The important thing is that you must take care of the house and paying insurance and power for the house or else things in your home might be a blackout. Sometimes houses have companys to make sure that anyone owns a rented house checks to make sure that the house has no cracks on the Walls and no Scratch on the Upper Roof.

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