Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Timeus & Elijah - Buddy Reading Reflection Before Continuing on Work

Today Room 9 and our Buddy class Room 3 were writing facts about Eels, Where they live?, Why is an Eel an amphibian?, What do they eat? and the 3 Different types of Eels. First me and my buddy Elijah were talking about eels and Where did they live. So we searched for our first question 'What is a habitat?'. So me and my buddy searched for information about the question. It popped a definition of what it means. It reads 'Habitat is a natural home or environment of an animal'. So I typed it down on my google slide of what it means by habitat. I skipped the second slide because it to challenging and the question was 'Why is an eel an amphibian?'. The next slide that I've did was 'What do eels eat?'. So I searched it up and it said ' Eels eat incest larvae, worms and water snails, and then I wrote it on my slide.   

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