Friday, 3 March 2017

Timeus Pollution Writing

There are 4 types of Pollution that occur in the world

Water Pollution
Water pollution is a combination of water bodies. It contains rubbish in the water that may be poison to Fish's and Animals in the ocean. Water pollution also makes smoke come out from factory's leading the pipes to the bottom of the creek and can create a dangerous creek for people to swim. Water might get dirty from rubbish, Plastic bottles

Land Pollution
Land Pollution is also the same as Water pollution but different. Land pollution is the earth's surface which affects people on where they put their rubbish in. When it comes to people in the land sometimes they can't breath because of the dust that spreads around the world with bacterial that may be bad for people and kids inside their houses.

Noise Pollution
Noise Pollution is different to land Pollution and Water Pollution. Such noise like Trucks and Bulldozers have very use of Rear equipment to move the dirt but also cause noise that are to loud or may hurt the persons ears. If a bit of work for constructors will try and not use the the trucks than the people will not get irritated by the noise

Air Pollution
Air pollution is a gas of smoke from factories takes the gas out of the big pipes and spreads the smoke all around the nearby places. Factories have type of poison types inside the smoke which is called Carbon monoxide and with that it makes it a dangerous poison for people to die fast or being sick.

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