Friday, 3 March 2017

Timeus Technology

On Thursday 2nd March. Me and my class Room 9 went to Technology at Tamaki Collage for the Fourth lesson. So we got separated into 3 groups with the same Technology teachers and my group that I am in was group 3. So we went to our class in Collage and my group were doing artistic and measurement class. Our teacher was Mr. Grundy and we were drawing pictures of different objects with only a pencil. The first thing I draw was a house because the sides are thick like a real house and the roof is like a shape of a triangle. In the middle of the house it was shaped like a square it really tell me what kind of house is shaped like or why I wanted that Object. So I wrote it down on the side of my 'House' drawing to tell my teacher why I think its best for my sketching. Then Mr. Grundy told us to stop what we are doing and looking at the tool table and watching of what he's doing. What our teacher is saying is that we had to draw our chosen object using the measurements from our teachers table.   

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