Saturday, 1 April 2017

Timeus Getting our Jackets

Getting our Jackets

I was finally excited to get my jacket Yesterday at Tamaki Primary School. When I first saw it, Their was a Hidden pocket where to take the hoodie out or Tucking the Hoodie inside the pocket. My jacket was a XL (Xtra Large), It suited me and also it looked comfee on me, The other students went to try it on too but some of the other Students didn't get to have a jacket. I got a note from one of the teachers said to me that my jacket will be arrived on Friday 31st March. So in the morning I take my notice to the office to get my jacket. Now I saw my Last name on the back bottom of the jacket, I was so excited and shock that it had my name on the back and just wanted to say Thanks for the jacket. 

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  1. Hello Timeus:
    It's me your quad blogging buddy kura. I am commenting on your blog post to help you fix some mistakes that you have done and to give you some feed back so yeah. but her is the thing you kinda need to work on is that you can try and like say who gave yous the jackets or even who are you thanking.

    It seems like you really loved your new school jacket and it doese sound very amazing. But the rest is fine I am looking very forward to some other blog post and I hope you come over a take a look at my blog as well.

    Thankyou quad buddy