Thursday, 25 May 2017

Timeus - Second Technology Reflection before Rotations

Before my group left woodwork to go to Graphics. I just wanted to reflect on what I did in woodwork with Mr Grundy. What I made was a cruise ship but with wood and it turn out to be great because I wanted to make a safe so that I can put money on my safe but I didn't have time to draw one so I ended up making a cruise ship so that I can become a sailor to catch some fish for my family. This might be able to try and drive a ship or a boat for people to ride or taking the tour to new outcomes. I think that I like doing woodwork because I wanted to make something that might woke and to become mechanical of using parts to make it move. I think what me and my group should've done before rotation was to learn about coding so that I can create a game or a real game to impress the world and my family on naming a company for people that wanted to sign up or recruit for new developers. But I think the only way to learn from that is to learn Graphics and trying to study more about Graphics and coding with the best I could. 

In graphics, We had an English teacher for Graphics was mrs Ferguson because I saw a flag representing the United Kingdom but is a English person. This teacher is was excited because she saw us coming and she was getting a bit nervous but she was confident. Then I heard what we were going to with our netbooks was to create a google drawing to transparent some images of our favorite things that we like and what kind of things that we do. Then we were going to clocks with the google drawing again but we had no time to do it.

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