Sunday, 28 May 2017

Timeus - Cultural Foods

On friday, Room 9 and Room 10 talking about Cultural Foods. And which one of these foods looked healthy and it might be important for our Diets. That is why I am going to be talking about my favorite cultural food that I like but first I am going to be showing you guys a slideshow of all the instructions that Room 9 and Room 10 had to do.

This is a Google slide presentation of it and this will help me and my buddy Jose recap on what we learned in our classes.
Ok, I am going to be showing you a Google drawing of the things that we or all of you know about Raw Fish, The reason why I chose raw fish is because it has tomatoes inside it, Lemon, coconut and the green stuff that effects its food. So I am going to be showing you a Google Drawing.

This is what me and Jose did. Jose one was kind of funny but it is really interesting and I like how he describe it with the food Raw Fish. And my part (The blue one) has meaning on why I chose this food and which food group of this might belong to.

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