Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Timeus - Foods that Comes From Plants and Animals

Today I am going to be talking about my reflection of what my buddy 'Elijah' did as buddies. Our job was to create a Google drawing and figure out ways that foods come from by researching some fruits that come from. My buddy searched up some fruits and 'I' went to research of where it it came from using my own words but I instead us pictures and wrote down a title of these things. This is a drawing of my work that I done with my buddy.  

So this what we come with, On the left we had fruits and Veggies that come from Plants, So what we put up with me and my buddy is that we wrote a lot of veggies and some of the fruits. And the next I'm about to show is the things which meat comes from is Animals. But me and my buddy only searched up four so we had Cow because cows produce milk for people, Chicken, Pig meat can be found in supermarkets and horse. These are the Fruits, Vegetables and Meats that come from Animals and Fruits and Veggies come from Plants.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this post, I know its long but you save this post for later, Please leave comments on my posts and to thank you all.

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