Friday, 26 May 2017

Timeus - Kiwi Can Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about Kiwi Can Reflection Day 5. We were so excited to go to Kiwi Can to learn about our new topic called Responsibility. Today we were just talking about responsibility and how it works, Responsibility is like cleaning that you have done or taking care of your family or kid even if your family is not home. We've been talking about our topic for 1 minute before we moved on to energiser. In this we had to act in a play with a group using a prop. Like this group that Had done a act for themselves but they done it as a group.
 This was funny because aumau done a whip using a lava lava to act like he's making a loud bang but using the whip and it cracked me up so hard. Next one that I am going to show is picture of the next group that had done their act on their own.
This is another photo of Metui and his group doing a act of a funeral and it made me laughed and it was to much fun for me. I think this group might be good at acting but will find out soon. Then the last photo I am going to showing to you all is a group.
This is another photo of a group praying by laying the lava lava or mat on the floor. I think this might reference to the people that went to church praying for god and learning about god and it made me feel like I wanted to go church.

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