Monday, 15 May 2017

Timeus - Saving our country

How can you save your country?

By not starting a world war 3 (WW3). To stop from that happening, We need to stop the president's from fighting each other or else they might attack their country and no one will be saved. Even if they have a meeting about something that is going to happen. How does WW3 starts?, It starts off with a meeting at the hall and they talk about things that are happening in their country and making things worse in the country. But then they would start to argue about their attitude and the Violence that happen between Black people and White people.

But the president of the united states of america was going to bring battle against the Korean chairman of the Korean Party Kim jong un, Which happens to be bad and can cause another battle for a third WW3 and also will cause it to drop a nuke into either USA or South and North Korea. So that’s why people must try and reduce the wars and committing crimes.

For example: If something pops up on the news and said that trump is fighting against kim jong un, Then you should go to the united states and go the the white house and ask trump to stop causing troubles and just try and keep the country safe for them  

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