Thursday, 25 May 2017

Timeus - Technology 'Graphics' 2017

Today Me and my group went to 'Graphics' for the rotation. Inside the room was a lot of equipment and computers. I was so excited to be in 'Graphics to see what it is all about. Before we went to work. A english Teacher named as Mrs ferguson was our Graphics teacher, She introduced us to her class and letting us get started. What were supposed to do was to create a google drawing of a blank white drawing. Then we had to share the google drawing to Mrs ferguson. Then we had to find images that we like or what sport we play. I am going to show a google drawing on this post. I been repeating this drawing by posting but again I will show to you all how it works.

This is a google drawing of all the things that I like. The first one I like is Basketball, Then my favorite team is Golden state warriors (GSW). Clothing, Arm Sleeve, Long Sleeves, My favorite console is a PS4, My favorite food is KFC and Burger King, My favorite show is The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. My favorite computer is Windows 10. My favorite phone is an iphone 10. My favorite car which I like the most is a lambo. My favorite website is YouTube and my favorite culture is Cook Island.,

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