Sunday, 28 May 2017

Timeus - What I done in The Weekend

Hi everyone, I am going to be talking about what I did in the weekend. I went to the park at school to play some basketball and some of my friends came over to the park. Me and perenara went to play one vs one and I lost the game but sI had a lot of fun at the park. Then I went to practice my shooting at basketball so that I can become a basketball player and being on a NBA team just like Steven Adams. And my position will be 'SG' (Shooting Guard) and 'PG' (Point Guard). What I also done in the weekend is that I went to my aunt's house to pay a visit before leaving to go to burger king. But my mum told to come over to burger king. Then after that we went home and cooked us some sausages with bread, Onions and mustard. It taste really nice and I enjoyed a little breakfast before going to the park. Then I went to the park again to test out my skills by myself and to just make sure that I practice before our Kiwi Sport on Monday.

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