Friday, 2 June 2017

Timeus - Another Poster for 'Honestly'

Today I am going to be showing you another poster that I did from the previous Google Drawing called 'Responsibility' but today I am going to show you this special word called Honestly. Honestly is like you are telling the truth in a Respectful, Fair and Honourable way. 

This is a Google Drawing of my chosen word that I chose was 'Honestly'. Here is a text of what I wrote about the word 'Honestly'. For those that can't understand my text on the Google Drawing then I will write it up for you guys. 'Honestly is about telling the truth of what happened in the event or problem. The reason why we show honestly is because is to help people sort out their problems with them each other. What also shows Honestly is that you take things seriously but when you lied to the person and the person is going to do. Then that will start to tell you that he didn't show Honestly. And also telling the truth in a truthful, Respectful, Fair and Honourable way.

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