Thursday, 8 June 2017

Timeus - Graphics Technology Reflection Day 3

Day 3 for Technology. Today I am going to be talking about my Technology Reflection of graphics. Today I learned a different task that my Tech Teacher Mrs Ferguson had us to draw pictures that I like or My family likes but we had to make a clock with a background. It was interesting that we had to make a clock by ourselves which was fun and then I thought and thinked about which background that will fit my clock in. But what I thought about making clock was a NBA team of my favorite players. Also some of the past basketball teams for players like Michael Jordan, Kobe bryant and Shaquille o'neal AKA 'Shaq. So what I draw is a NBA  team logo of Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. The reason why I want my to be like this is because of my favorite sport which is Basketball and what I liked about this sport is that for my clock, I was dreaming  that I wish that I will become a basketball player and to make sure I had to train well and working out at the gym. 

Mrs Ferguson were asking us about how were clocks are made and how do they work?. What she said about how were clocks made is that it comes with marks or Numbers, Also clock hands that are important so that you know the right time and able to figure it out. This clock is a old historical clock that was made in 1840 for electronic clocks. Mrs Ferguson also told that we had to create a clock that is for the person.

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