Monday, 26 June 2017

Timeus - Kiwisport Reflection

WALT: Talk about what we did at Kiwi sport and what the things that I had faced during this session.

Today at school. Me and room 7 went to kiwi sport at the basketball courts. It was our last session for today and we get to play Basketball games like ‘The golden Child and Basketball game. But first we had done some jogging. It was important to jog because it helps to make yourself Prepared and getting some of the energy to help you throughout the game. And it also us to stay fit and also this was part of our topic called ‘Fitness’. Doing fitness will help our well - being and the Nutrition of our bodies. When we did some jogging, We moved on to playing a team game called ‘The golden child’. What we did is that we were getting into our teams from the beginning
of our Kiwi sport. So our Kiwi sport teachers were giving us a one line and we told to go to each side on by on and side by side. And my team that we choice was Cavaliers. It was a team that they wanted to call for the basketball games at Kiwi sport. Then our team had to try and get the other people out while the other team starts to run all the way to

What I are the challenges that I had faced in this game 'The Golden child'.

One of the challenges that I had faced was that I keep missing every shot that I took but I keep trying until I get it right and also trying our best to win but we lose but then my mind thinked that we tried our best of winning but we gave it all that we got. And it made me feel happy and energised that I had a lot of energy inside my body and everyone else as well.

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home. We had each turn to try and shoot the ball inside the hoop and then some of the players had stayed where they are because our team Cavaliers shoots the ball into the hoop and then one of our Kiwi sport teachers blow's the whistle to make them stop if the ball goes inside the hoop. I had a lot of fun playing this game but then we moved on to our Basketball game. Our same teams has to line on the side of the outline and we had to the opposite way instead of going the same way as the other team goes. We were playing a game but calling out a number of people to go and to try score a goal. In this game we were showing team work along with our students in our team and also the other also show supportive and contributing in the game and that is the same as our team which is the 'Cavaliers'. I enjoyed playing this game and it helped me build my learning up and getting some of the fresh air in a sunny day.

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