Monday, 12 June 2017

Timeus - Kiwisport Reflection Pt 3

Today I am going to be talking about my Kiwisport which is called basketball and I am will be reflecting on my Challenges and Consequences in Kiwisport.

WALT: Reflect on Kiwisport

In a rainy day today. We had Kiwisport today and I was so excited because I haven't been at kiwisport in our school called Tamaki primary school. So we went outside but their was a new instructor for today. His name was 'Yayan'. I not sure how to spell his name but he is men and he is PF (Power Forward) and SF (Small Forward). And the same instructor but I don't know his name but I will update this blog post anytime. Anyway we were doing practice like shooting but first we did some jogging, Skippings. But it started to rain and so we went into our classroom to take a break and getting out of the rain. Our two Kiwisport instructors were told us to answer some questions that relates to basketball. I will show you only a few questions that you can read and answer the question by writing it down of which question that you like to do. And start to answer the right question but it doesn't matter if you copy them.

1. If you at you own teams side, How many seconds would it take to get pass the middle line
2. When someone throws in the ball, How many seconds will it take to throw in the ball.
3. If you hold the ball and you run with it, What is this violation called?
Last one
4. If you stopped where you are and you hold the ball and you start to dribble the ball. What's this violation called.

That is all the question that I got. but that is the end of my Kiwisport reflection.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and Kiwisport Reflection. Please leave comments on my blog posts

Many Thanks! 

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