Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Timeus - Making Muesli Presentation Pt 2

From my Previous blog post, I had blogged a Google Presentation about How to make Muesli but with my own words. But today I am going to be showing the same blog post but different layouts and work.

This is a Google presentation of my Pt 2 Making of the Muesli, This next part where I had to try and remember how to make muesli. So what I first put up is ingredients for the muesli. I remembered some of the items ingredients that I known when we made muesli. The next slide that I wrote is based on the equipment that are needed to make the Muesli. This is one of the main reason to bake the muesli and it was easy to do but somebody had to clean the dishes because they were dirty. What I had Learned from this presentation was reflecting on my making of how to make the muesli and it was a lot of fun making it and I felt energised.

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