Thursday, 22 June 2017

Timeus - Matariki Interview with 'Alo'

WALT: Interview about Matariki by answering some questions.

Today I am going to be talking about my interview with my buddy 'Alo'. We done two clips by rehearsing our script that we wrote so that we can practice our take of our interview. We were interviewing about matariki, What is matariki?, When is matariki celebrated?, and what many ways do they celebrate matariki?. I will show you a script of our writing in a Google Document.

Alo:Hi my name is alo and you're watching the matariki tv show that just happens once a year and today i am talking with my one and only Guest Timeus

Timeus:Thank you letting me be here

Alo:Ok now I'm am going to ask you some questions about Matariki

Timeus:Ok, What is the first questions you are going to be answering me today

Alo:So the first question, Why do you think Matariki dates change?

Timeus:Because sometimes it doesn't appear on Late June and Early May.

Alo: The Second Question is How does matariki celebrate?

Timeus:Well it celebrates in many different ways inside communities and also supporting Matariki with family.

Alo:And your last question is Why is it matariki important?

Timeus:The reason why is important to celebrate matariki is because the seven stars of matariki only appears when matariki is the day it will celebrate.

Alo: and that was the show hope you enjoyed and i will see you next year bye.

This is a Google Document script of all the things that we had just wrote and we recorded our script by using a app called 'Screencastify'. It can be used in every computer that you have purchase. The blue colour on top of the heading is a 'Link that can be access by clicking the link. This will take you to a video that we just only had but I would be sharing you Two clips with a link that can be access by clicking the link.
This link will give you access to the first video clip that we done first.
This link will give you access to our second take that we did for our interview

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