Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Timeus - Playing with Maths Games Reflection

IALA: My reflection about playing maths games in groups. The reason why is this is because its to help us learn our multiplecation and to participate and contribute in maths Games.

Today Mrs Komor letting us play maths games but its not just about playing maths games. Playing maths games is help you gain some knowledge of knowing you times tables and also addition. Some of the parents came over to our class and participate and contributing in a game. Here are some photos that I have that were taken by our teacher Mrs Komor.

Siale (left), Sifa (Next to Siale), Gary (Top-Centre), Next to gary is me 'Timeus', Metui (Bottom right-corner).
These photos are from my group. We played a game with cards but I don't know what the name is but I will show you what it is. The way play this game is that you either 5 cards or more and then the person will start by getting a off the other person but if he gets a pair on the first turn when the dual is over, Then you can drop you pair on the table and trying to get another by getting a card off the player so that the next person can have a turn. I felt like this game was fun and it had a lot of knowledge and that I know how to play this game. But what I face these challenges is that I was confused at first because I didn't know how to play this game but now I known how to play this game which made me excited and a smart learner.

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