Thursday, 15 June 2017

Timeus - Te Tuhi Tapa Art Work Reflection

WALT: Reflect on our Tapa Cloth reflection with my buddy Elijah

Today I am going to be reflecting on my Tapa cloth presentation with my buddy Elijah, What we were doing is that we drawn some of the things or others like about what they did with our buddies but drawing them like a tapa cloth. So me and my buddy drawn some of the things that they like or my buddy likes what he does or what he always like because we have a trip to go to the art centre and start to draw our drawings that we did with a Tapa cloth so I was so excited to become a drawer so that I can become a better drawer. And also we wrote a presentation about our drawings that we did and then we went to share this to Room 3s teacher at Tamaki Primary School Mrs Barlow.

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