Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Timeus - 'Ten amazing superfoods you can grow instead of buying'

Today I am going to be talking about a reflection about 'Ten amazing superfood you can grow instead of buying'. it is a article that can be found from my previous blog post by clicking the 'Post' link. This is was also from my previous post and it I am going to show you interesting facts that I have found in the article. 
This is a fact of what I found in the article. 'Superfoods are the health-boosting fruits and vegetables that claim to fight cancer'. Does this fact may be true or is just a myth because they just made it up. Try and see with your buddy if you can try search up to see if superfoods takes away cancer or words on your body to see if it works. And also I will show you the article that I readed and the title of the article.

This is the article of what I was reading and I think that I learned a few ideas from the article, This also help me to use key ideas to take all the information from the article. The reason why I am showing this article is because it's to help people eat healthy veggies so that they will last longer for hours and by filling up their energy.

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