Thursday, 1 June 2017

Timeus - That Sugar Film Part 1

Today I am going to be talking about my reflection of the Google slide 'That Sugar Film Part 1'. In this task we had to answer some of the following questions and clues to complete this task for our teacher. I am going to be showing you a slide of what I did.

This slide was references to the movie film 'That Sugar'. The film can be found in a site called 'Youtube'. This movie is a documentary and it was followed by the main person of the film 'Damon. This movie tells the people about what happens if your body starts to produce sugar. That is why I am going to be telling about the things that I wrote about and how I faced about this slides. I didn't complete them all because it was to hard for me but I will complete these slides in any time. What I felt about the Google Slide 2 was the question of 'What is refined sugar?. This question means that some sugars have sugar - free inside the sugar or low fat. Sugar free provides food additive that makes the sugar sweeter of its sugar while containing significantly less food energy. That is all for my reflection and I hoped that you had a great day for today.

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