Friday, 30 June 2017

Timeus - Tuakana Teina Day/Buddies Pamphlet Drawing

WALT: Write a reflection about our Tuakana Teina Day and working our Pamphlet with our buddies.

Today I am going to be talking about reflection about my Tuakana Teina Day and our work was to publish our buddies Pamphlet online. Today we went to room 3 for again's Tuakana Teina Day for the whole day. What it means by Tuakana Teina day is that we got to our classes every friday sometimes and we get into our buddies and try to work with them of what they are finishing at. So my buddy was Elijah and I helped him with something that he was finishing off was my buddie's Pamphlet. Here is a Google drawing of my buddie's Pamphlet that I did online 
My buddy 'Elijah's' Pamphlet
This is my Pamphlet of what I did with my buddy. What I wrote with my buddy was about fitness and how to stay healthy by eating the right food. So what my buddy put on our google drawing was Mandarin's, Oranges and apples. And also their are two photo's that are related to eat healthy and also eating the right food. This reason why we are writing about how to stay healthy is because so that we can eat right food that is best and healthy so that we can start losing some of the sugar and the weight of our body's. This also will help to gain our well - being to the next level and being able to do fitness everyday or sometimes a day.

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