Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Timeus - 'Where is Old Zealand?' Article Reflection

WALT: I am learning to reflect on Where is Old Zealand? article reflection and what does it mean by this article.
Original imageToday I am going to be talking about Where is Old Zealand and what does it really mean by this article that I am reading. I found this article on my mail and I had found that their was a article that I was going to read, It was about Where is Old Zealand?. My mind think it over and over of where is Old Zealand and then I started to ask myself a different. What does it by 'Where is Old Zealand'?. One of the things that I have found was that Old Mexico is Mexico, Old York is York. But the real question is that where is Old Zealand. They say The first western explorer firsted land on what is known to be as New Zealand and it was a dutchman named Abel Tasman. He was first person to explore New zealand and discover the land of New Zealand, But a Englishman Explorer James cook first came to discover Cook Island just before stumbling upon New Zealand but he was the second to explore New Zealand. But James cook made three voyages to go to Nieuw Zeeland. What I found about this fact 'Three voyages gone to Nieuw Zeeland. This fact might be references to the country New Zealand because how it spells Nieuw and Zeeland and it makes New Zealand (Nieuw - Zee-land.

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