Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cybersmart reflection

IALT: Write a reflection about our Cybersmart Map.

Today I am going to be talking about my cybersmart map. This is a map the things on my history computer that I have went to sense the time I went on those websites. On my map I start from my google presentation. The yellow picture means that I have been doing some of my work on a Google Presentation. Then after that I went to Google searching about the things that I want for my work. After google I went to Google Drawing where I started a work with a template on it. The after Drawing, I go to Google Document and then after that I go to youtube where I search up a video of my work and then after that it will end on Google drive where I check my work to see what I have not completed. The reason why I have created a map of what I went on with my computer is because to check my history to see if I have been on the right website if not. This was for our cybersmart work so that When we create a map like I did. It will tell us when did you start and when did you finish at the end.

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