Friday, 11 August 2017

Dream of What I want to Be

WALT: Write about our Dreams of what we I want to be.

Today, Mrs Aireen told us about what is career. Career is something that people would find a job that is helpful for them. It depends on the paycheck when sometimes jobs have a lot of paycheck because they are expensive but bigger paycheck. That is why Miss Arieen teach about What is Career?. This is a presentation about our dreams of what we want to be. I chose 3 of my work that I have chose for myself. My first one is basketball and the reason why I chose my favorite sport to play is basketball is because I want to be a Center position just like the New Zealander NBA Player Steven Adams. My second dream is a undercover person. So when I know that their someone that is doing something dangerous, Then I would call the police and to make sure no one gets hurt. My next is my dream. My dream for me is to become a Businessmen. The reason why I want to be a businessmen is because so that I can look after my family by showing the school values and supporting my family for what I have achieved. This is will help me in the future so when I forget what I want to be then I can choose from one of these dreams that I want to be.

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