Friday, 25 August 2017

Fitness Reflection Cross country Day 4

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IALT: Write a reflection about the Cross country at our school.
Yesterday we had fitness down at the course. It was our fourth Cross country challenge so we went to the netball courts, Then after that we were told to get into our lines and then we go to the starting point. I was really excited to do the cross country challenge so that I would be able to lose weight and gain some trust to my friends when I am running. When our Room 9 teacher Mrs Komor said '3 , 2 , 1'. We started running and when the first person to past the three poles then Mrs Komor would start to run or walk until we get to the end. For me, Doing the cross country would also help me build up more energy into my body also taking the time to try and take my time even when everyone is running. What it made me found about this cross country is that I fought that Cross country is like you are crossing the country on a plane but now I know that Cross Country is different to fitness which means you run with a group of people sometimes around the block or straight ahead. What made me found challenging is that my feet was sore because I running to much but then I know that I would have to take my time to jog it out and just make sure that I won't give up.

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