Thursday, 24 August 2017

KIWICAN Reflection: Our topic is SELF-CONTROL

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WALT: Reflect on what we did at KIWICAN

On Tuesday, We had Kiwi can at the hall. For kiwi can we were learning about Self - control. Self control is about Controlling yourself and also controlling your emotions. To show that what it means to be SELF - CONTROL. We played some games that helps us with our topic for today and also showing the school values. The first game was Dodgeball. In this game their will be a number from 1 to 5 or more. Then when they pick a number then they have to stand on the middle and trying to dodge the ball. But the one's that are not numbered have to sit down and either roll or hitting it with your hand will get your opponents out. This game was fun for me because they were showing Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga. And also they were giving their best at the game and I was really excited of it. What found me challenging was that I got out but I was able to control myself from either crying or angry but yeah I was just happy that got me out

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