Friday, 25 August 2017

Learning with 'Constable Taina'

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On Wednesday  we had a police officer named 'Constable Taina'. She was here to talk about the Penalty's that are for the judge to decide. The penalty's are 'Community service'. Community Service is a different to being committed for what you have done but this is different. The judge will decide for the victim to do community service because he only done a little bit of stealing, Robbing and different kind of bad stuff. CS (Community Service) can lead up to 20 hours for working before getting out. The second penalty is Diversion and this penalty is when you did something at school like fighting or using drugs, The person might get his 1 chance of making it right and even if you stole or gambling. This makes the judge to give that person another chance and if he does it again then he will get committed. When they arrest the person that is doing something then they will get a list of criminal records to see if they either get committed or not. If they do then their life will be over, Some jobs won't allow people that are committed on the criminal record because some jobs might check for their criminal record to see if they have a suspicious person.

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