Friday, 25 August 2017

Paying it Forward Document

Paying it Forward
What is the Author’s purpose?
The purpose of  this video is about changing the way they feel because it is important to help them if they need to show Manaakitanga and Tuki Marie.  

Why do you think the author used this particular song for this video?
The reason why the author used this song is because it’s to help people understand What it mean’s by helping them and it will change the way they affect to others.

What do you think of the message of this video is?
In the video, The message was that the boy was helping others around because he isshowing the right thing to each and everyone he meets and also it’s to understand people to try and do the right thing even if no one is looking. The reason why is to build more relationship to each other and also using the time achieve.

How did watching this video make your feel?
From watching this video, I thought that the video was said because some people are sometimes get bullied from school and they were scared to come to school because they were bullied, But then after watching all of it I feel happy because how the person was helping the boy that was bullied help him because the helper felt sad for him.  

This is a Document of my complete work about Paying it forward. The reason why because it to help people showing respect when others aren't looking and also showing peace. By doing this I know when to show the school values and respecting each other.

What I have found challenging is that when I feel like the video was sad because it shown all the situation that people have gotten into but now I now that this video would help them show the right thing even when no one is looking. 

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