Friday, 11 August 2017

Technology Reflection

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IALT: To reflect on Technology

This week on Thursday, We had our Technology at Tamaki Collage. At Tamaki Collage we were going their for our technology. My group went to the graphics room with Mrs Ferguson. We were finishing off our clocks for our family to bring so that it looks like a real clock. People were doing the painting part so that they can design their clocks for their parents. Some of my friends were painting a bull shape, Shield shape and others with decorations. I painted myself a cook island flag with the stars white and the whole background blue. But first I finished drawing my work shape that I have to do and then after that I gave to our Graphic teacher for scanning the shape, Then after that, Mrs Ferguson put me and friend perenara paper of our shapes into another scanner where she places all of the shapes into a square box and then she puts a flat smooth wood onto a cutting machine but with a laser so that it can cut easily. Then after when it finished. I then had got a back one and a front clock so that when we paint our clocks. We would put our attachments into our clocks and it would look like a clock.

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