Friday, 4 August 2017

Timeus - New for Fitness

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IALT: Write a Reflection about our New Exercise for Fitness.

On Monday, Room 9 and Room 10 were at the Netball courts at school for fitness. All of the students were lining up in our three groups so that we can go and do our exercise. But miss changed it up, The whole class of Room 9 and 10 had to run around the school and back to where we started fitness. So me and the rest of the classes lined up on the other entrance to the school. When miss said 3,2,1, GO. We ran and we turn left on the foot path. When I was running, Some of the people were showing resilience. Resilience means that people were not giving up and also they were trying their best of giving their time to finish at the end. What it made me found challenging when I was running was that I had to walk because I was too tired to run but I had never give up and I had tried my best to jog it out and just keep on running to the end. When we reached the other school entrance. We had to jog or run straight where along their is a green fence. So we run straight through them and I tried my best to not give up. I some how slowed down because one of my friends were kind of tired so I had help my friend to show the school values. When we got to the end, I was so tired that I had ran out of energy but I had done my very own best.

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