Friday, 4 August 2017

Timeus - New Kiwi Sport 'Hip Hop Dance'

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IALT: Write a reflection about our New Kiwi Sport

On Monday, We had our New Kiwi Sport and it was 'hip hop'. Hip hop is like famous people are making music by using hip hop sounds for their music but sometimes hip hop can lead to dancing. Our new Kiwi Sport teacher was a lady that she came from the UK but sound a bit like a New Zealander. She teach us about the 4 ways of Hip Hop dancing. The 4 hip hop dancing are Break Dancing, Rap and the two other groups. We also learned the James brown dance which you can check it out on youtube of what it is by this dance. The next one we have is the smurf dance but not like in the cartoon. Our teacher told us to get into a line and we practice dancing with these dancing moves so that when our teacher plays the music then our teacher would do the moves and we have to follow it. Some of the people were showing resilience because they were not giving up and also they were trying their best and also my friends that gave their best. What found challenging for me was that the most difficult move that I have gave my best was the James Brown Move. It was hard for Me but I gave it all that I have got and I also never give up. 

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