Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kiwican: Facing Challenges. Day 3 Reflection

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Yesterday, We had Kiwi Can in the afternoon because we went swimming at 12:30 at the Panmure Lagoon pools. For Kiwi Can we were doing some activities outside like play the netball game with room 10 but different. What we had to do is that we had to stand inside the cones so like make your cones larger so that other people can fit in the spot and then after that you use any kind of netball and you have to tag them with the ball without moving, You can pass it to your teammates and try to get the other person while the opponents are running around and also you are not allowed to go out of the cones or else you are out. We were veruses Boys Vs Girls with Room 9 and Room 10 students and it was fun play that game and I was able to show confidence from the game and also able to use the time to communicate to each other through the game. What I found challenging about this game is that it was easy for us to play but a bit rough but it was a great and I really enjoyed it playing with my friends. This game also showed the school values because I was able to faced the challenges of what I came up with and also showing the school values towards each other.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Assembly Reflection

Image result for AssemblyHello guys, Today I am going to be talking about my day at assembly because I wanted to show t you guys how is it like to be in a assembly for school or meetings like other things. The reason why we were going to the assembly at school is because it was maori language week and Our school wanted to celebrate that by representing what maori language week is like for example, Maori games and more. Some of the things that I know from assembly is that I was able to learn the three songs of maori language. 'Te Aroha' Song, 'Tutira Ma' Song and 'Matariki' Song. The first song that Mrs Kyle (Room 10's teacher) sang that song that we all know because it was my favorite song that I learned when I was little and then we sang the song to show the school values. The song showed Manaakitanga which means Caring for others. What it was like to be in a assembly is that I really enjoyed listening to notices to see what the new things are coming up and also able to give out awards to students. 

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Food Technology Day 3 Reflection

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WALT: Write a Reflection about Food Technology that we learned about.

Today I am going to be talking about my Food Technology that we learned from collage. Our school went to tamaki collage for Tech because we wanted to learn this things and also a hobby that will help get a job by doing technology. For example cooking, Graphics, Soft and hard Materials. I was so excited because would really help my hobby in becoming one of these tech that will fit into me. Today my group went to cooking and we were making a Potato salad with sausages. 
The Materials that you need is:

1x Potato Peeler
1x Big Bowl
1x Grater
1x Pot
1x Sharp Knife and 
1x Chopping Board

The Ingredients you need is:
1x Carrots (Optional)
3x Potatos
1x Purple onion
2x Sausages (Optional)
1x Pack of Ham

Step 1: First you peel your potato's and put your potato skin in the rubbish.
2. Then after that, Rotate your potato and cut with your knife in 1/2. then turn it again and make sure to hold your half potato and cut medium size with your potato in half and then after that put your cut potato's in a pot and put water inside to boil it and same goes for the eggs.
3. Cut your onions like the same as the potato's and put it in a big bowl. Then grate your carrots into the same bowl that you did with your onions.
Step 2: Put your packed ham in a pan and your sausages onto one pan to cook it.
3. When the ham is cooked, Make sure that you cut them into squares or anything that you want into the same bowl that you did with your onions and carrots. 
4. Get your Potato's and use a cold water to cool down the potato's and put them into the same bowl.
5. Put some mayo or marinade inside the bowl and mix it with your spoon.
6. Once your sausages are cooked. Place them into a place using your tongs.

And that is how you make a potato salad serve it with your sausages and you can feed it to your family's so they can try out your cooking that you did.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Cross Country Day 10 Reflection

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Today I am going to be talking about my Fitness for doing the cross country by practicing at our school. If you guys don't know what the Cross Country is when you have to run around the block or climbing up the mountains and finishing at the lap. But for us we had to run around the school for only one lap, Others wanted to run two laps so they go to the front and we at the back and they start to run first, While they run further we get to run second and we had to try and get to the end with effect. I started by nearly running at the front of the runners but I slowed down and I decided to jog slowly and take my time to not get any injuries. So I decided to keep on going until I reach the end, Then I decided stop at where my friends are still struggling. We talked all the way by running and then suddenly my friend starts to run all the way to the finishing line. I started to run until I reached the finishing but I still run all the way with out stopping but then I stopped nearly at the finishing line and so then I started to walk to the finishing line because it was close and then few seconds later I reached the line. What I found challenging about the cross country is that I was able to keep up with myself so that I can make sure that when ever I stop then I take my time to get to the finishing.  

A Title for Fitness Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about a fitness title that I did with my group with Siale, Tevita, Alone, L.J, Myself and Aletheia. This is a Google drawing of our fitness title to make for our Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was so excited to make a title for our fitness so that it can be blogged on the site where all of the schools videos are placed on the Manaiakalani Film Festival Website. This title for fitness represents all of the exercises that we did for fitness at the top courts. But what it found challenging about this is that we were finding the photos for fitness so that it represents our title of what we are to putting on for our Film. We added a Title called 'Room 9 We lit 2BFit' and we put some words that represents this google drawing. 'Be Happy, Be positive, Be LIT and FIT...' and 'Always be LIT. So we can always be LIT and on FIRE'. Siale came up with this idea and we had to try a use some of the photos to represent the title of what we are doing.

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On Tuesday, We had Kiwi can because we were learning for our new topic which Dealing with Challenges. Dealing with Challenges is challenging because sometimes people would start causing some of the consequences and also problems. That is what we are going to be talking about today for our Reflection that I am going to be talking about for today. Sometimes challenges can lead to Emotions, Feelings and more but if you want to fixed the problem then you must use your mind to choose the right decision either choosing the good karma or the bad Karma. So our Kiwi can Teachers were giving us a game to stand in a circle and we have a ball, We had to try and throw it up in the air in the middle by calling the name that they want and the one that is called have to try and catch it. If the person failed to catch it then you can either dance or do some pushups. What I found challenging about this game is that it was hard for me to catch the ball because one of the students at my school threw the ball up in the air in the middle of the circle and I was too late to catch the ball but then I had to dance because I didn't catch it. So I decided to dance by just dabbing for 10 Seconds but I really enjoyed this game and it was a lot of fun. What found challenging for me is that I was dealing with challenges that I faced because I didn't catch the ball but at least that I tried my best not to get out but it was fun after all. After that we were talking about dealing with challenges so like sometimes your in a fight and you and your brother/sister are fighting about something and you just can't fix it. Some of the ways that you might do is that you try to tell the truth to would you did and he or she will forgive you. Or if your stole something that is not yours then you decided that you wanted to keep it but you don't want to go to jail for what you had done. If their is enough time that you might be able to give it back to the owner and he/she will call off the police to come after you and that is how you deal with challenges.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I did in the Weekend reflection

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Today I am going to be talking about my reflection of what I did in the weekend last week. In the Weekends I was excited because I went with my mom, My dad and my grandma to go to my grandmas to meet my Aunty peri at Grotto St. My mom buyed some desserts such as Doughnuts, Cream doughnut and more. It was for my aunty because we went to visit her at her home with her husband. When we arrived at home we were letting my grandma out and make sure that she doesn't go anywhere because she gets lost sometimes. I saw my aunty looking at us and told us to come inside. She was nice to have us come to her house to visit and I was so excited. So we let grandma be careful to climb the steps because her house is on top of the bottom house. Her house looks cool because she has a living room with the outside door and the kitchen was on the right. Our aunty was greeting use to her home but sometimes she repeats the same thing that she says because she and my grandma have lost memory but still she remembers her past. My aunty cooked some dinner for use because she was waiting for us to come so that we can eat with her and her husband. After dinner me and my family started talking to each other and talking about things that they did with their families. Me and my dad were sleeping, My dad was sleeping in the couch and I was sleeping on my auntys bed but I so excited that we visit her and her husband at their house.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

What my Ancestors Are/Do? Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about my Ancestry poem for my reflection. I will be talking about my ancestors or what they do but first I am going to be reading this out to you guys just in case my words are little. 'I am Timeus, I was born as a afakasi because I had Two cultural islands, Tonga and Cook Island. I was born in New Zealand but no siblings in my family's legacy. But that does not matter, I have my Ancestors. My Ancestors help me to achieve my only top goal which is being able to help my ancestors to make them proud of what I am doing. My ancestors are founded in a island with a island that is filled with joy. My Ancestors help the island to become a better place. It filled me with strength to remember the remaining pieces that was made by My Ancestors. I ask my ancestors to stand by me as I move forward. Two cultures of me becomes my passion from life to somewhere more relaxing in my two cultural islands. I call my ancestors upon things that would made me proud and joyful moments of that things that they done for me. Somedays I able to give them what I wanted is excitement and filling everyone with joy.' What found about this poem is that I was able to rhyme with my poem to make sure that it sound like a poem and I able to use clear sentences in my ancestry poem.

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Food Technology Reflection

I am going to be reflecting about Food Technology and also about How to make Jam & Cinnamon muffins?

There are Two Ingredients types to make the Muffins.
Dry Ingredients and Wet Ingredients.

The first Ingredients we are going to need is the Dry Ingredients. Two items are S.R.Flour and Sugar

Get two bowls so that you can have two for the Dry Ingredients and Wet Ingredients.

Things you need:              Dry Ingredients:              Wet Ingredients:
Two mixing bowls              Flour                                1 Egg
Measuring cups                 sugar                               Oil
Muffin tray                                                                    Milk
Liter cups

The first step you do is that
You need to put 1 ½ c of Flour into one bowl
Then after that you put ½ cup of Sugar into the same the bowl.

When you finish these dry ingredients, Move on to the wet Ingredients.
Step 1 - Put ½ c of milk into a another bowl
Then after that put ½ c of oil into the same that you did with your milk and also crack 1 egg into the wet ingredients.

Then after that put the wet ingredients into the Dry Ingredients and either use your Spatula or a wooden spoon to mix all the Dry & Wet Ingredients together.

Get your muffin tray and put all of your mixture into the Muffin tray and to make sure in the beginning that you preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Put your muffin tray in the oven and leave to bake for 15 minutes and check to make sure the muffins are gold and brown.

Today I am going to be talking about my food technology reflection and how we cook it. Today we were cooking Jam and Cinnamon muffin for today. Here is a document of my reflection of what I did at the food Technology. If guys want to read then check it out so that you know what it means by making a muffin.
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Maths Reflection:Fraction of a Set

Today I am going to be reflecting on my maths for our work title, 'Fractions of a set'. I have been answering some of the questions that I know and I am going to be showing you Four questions of my maths problem that I have been doing for two days. The first question that I will be reflecting is the first question that I did first which is 1/5 of 40 = 8. I know that 5 divided by 40 equals 8 and I multiplied 8 x 1 which equals 8 and then now I know that 1/5 of 40 is 8 because 8 x 1 = 8. What I found challenging about this question is that I was thinking of what is 1/5 of 40 is and it hard because I don't know what the answer to 40 but now I know that 1/5 of 40 = 8.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

Filming for Manaiakalani film festival about Fitness Reflections

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Today is the day that we do fitness but one of our teachers were talking about filming a video of us doing the cross country. Some of the people started to walk because they wanted to walk for the cross country but some wanted to run. I decided to run because it will help me lose weight and also able to participate in the cross country challenge. So some of the teachers got into their places and started to film the whole cross country when everyone has started seeing the person that is filming. I started by jogging because It will help me to save some energy and if I am able to start running then I can keep on going until I get tired. I saw Mrs Ashley filming the people that are running for our manaiakalani film festival. When I was running I started to have a sore leg and also my feet because I was pushing myself to hard and decided to slow down but I was never giving up and I just keeping going as fast I can. When I got to the entrance where our school is I come some people all the way at the very end and I trying my best to keep up and never fall behind. My friend Kira finished at the end and decided to help me push harder also taking my time. So I keep pushing myself but also making sure that I run with a little bit of pace so that when I am able to run then I can run. When kira helped me to run nearly at the finish, I started to get tired because I was pushing myself to hard and also made my legs sore but then I keep on walking and also jogging until I reached the end and then seconds later I finished at the line where we started. What I found about facing these challenges is that I was able to keep up with my pace until I reached the end.

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