Monday, 4 September 2017

Filming for Manaiakalani film festival about Fitness Reflections

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Today is the day that we do fitness but one of our teachers were talking about filming a video of us doing the cross country. Some of the people started to walk because they wanted to walk for the cross country but some wanted to run. I decided to run because it will help me lose weight and also able to participate in the cross country challenge. So some of the teachers got into their places and started to film the whole cross country when everyone has started seeing the person that is filming. I started by jogging because It will help me to save some energy and if I am able to start running then I can keep on going until I get tired. I saw Mrs Ashley filming the people that are running for our manaiakalani film festival. When I was running I started to have a sore leg and also my feet because I was pushing myself to hard and decided to slow down but I was never giving up and I just keeping going as fast I can. When I got to the entrance where our school is I come some people all the way at the very end and I trying my best to keep up and never fall behind. My friend Kira finished at the end and decided to help me push harder also taking my time. So I keep pushing myself but also making sure that I run with a little bit of pace so that when I am able to run then I can run. When kira helped me to run nearly at the finish, I started to get tired because I was pushing myself to hard and also made my legs sore but then I keep on walking and also jogging until I reached the end and then seconds later I finished at the line where we started. What I found about facing these challenges is that I was able to keep up with my pace until I reached the end.

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