Thursday, 14 September 2017

Food Technology Day 3 Reflection

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WALT: Write a Reflection about Food Technology that we learned about.

Today I am going to be talking about my Food Technology that we learned from collage. Our school went to tamaki collage for Tech because we wanted to learn this things and also a hobby that will help get a job by doing technology. For example cooking, Graphics, Soft and hard Materials. I was so excited because would really help my hobby in becoming one of these tech that will fit into me. Today my group went to cooking and we were making a Potato salad with sausages. 
The Materials that you need is:

1x Potato Peeler
1x Big Bowl
1x Grater
1x Pot
1x Sharp Knife and 
1x Chopping Board

The Ingredients you need is:
1x Carrots (Optional)
3x Potatos
1x Purple onion
2x Sausages (Optional)
1x Pack of Ham

Step 1: First you peel your potato's and put your potato skin in the rubbish.
2. Then after that, Rotate your potato and cut with your knife in 1/2. then turn it again and make sure to hold your half potato and cut medium size with your potato in half and then after that put your cut potato's in a pot and put water inside to boil it and same goes for the eggs.
3. Cut your onions like the same as the potato's and put it in a big bowl. Then grate your carrots into the same bowl that you did with your onions.
Step 2: Put your packed ham in a pan and your sausages onto one pan to cook it.
3. When the ham is cooked, Make sure that you cut them into squares or anything that you want into the same bowl that you did with your onions and carrots. 
4. Get your Potato's and use a cold water to cool down the potato's and put them into the same bowl.
5. Put some mayo or marinade inside the bowl and mix it with your spoon.
6. Once your sausages are cooked. Place them into a place using your tongs.

And that is how you make a potato salad serve it with your sausages and you can feed it to your family's so they can try out your cooking that you did.

That is all for today and I hope you enjoyed this blog post
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  1. Kia Ora!
    Wow, Timeus you did a good reflection on your technology.
    I really love the way you put the ingredients and the steps.
    Do you love the food?
    Nicely done Timeus!

  2. Malo Timeus,
    I love the way you have wrote down a story about technology for you readers to know what you did at technology and I like the way you materials and the steps to it.I hope you had enjoyed eating your meal that you guys had created!Great Job Timeus Keep up the good work!