Wednesday, 13 September 2017


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On Tuesday, We had Kiwi can because we were learning for our new topic which Dealing with Challenges. Dealing with Challenges is challenging because sometimes people would start causing some of the consequences and also problems. That is what we are going to be talking about today for our Reflection that I am going to be talking about for today. Sometimes challenges can lead to Emotions, Feelings and more but if you want to fixed the problem then you must use your mind to choose the right decision either choosing the good karma or the bad Karma. So our Kiwi can Teachers were giving us a game to stand in a circle and we have a ball, We had to try and throw it up in the air in the middle by calling the name that they want and the one that is called have to try and catch it. If the person failed to catch it then you can either dance or do some pushups. What I found challenging about this game is that it was hard for me to catch the ball because one of the students at my school threw the ball up in the air in the middle of the circle and I was too late to catch the ball but then I had to dance because I didn't catch it. So I decided to dance by just dabbing for 10 Seconds but I really enjoyed this game and it was a lot of fun. What found challenging for me is that I was dealing with challenges that I faced because I didn't catch the ball but at least that I tried my best not to get out but it was fun after all. After that we were talking about dealing with challenges so like sometimes your in a fight and you and your brother/sister are fighting about something and you just can't fix it. Some of the ways that you might do is that you try to tell the truth to would you did and he or she will forgive you. Or if your stole something that is not yours then you decided that you wanted to keep it but you don't want to go to jail for what you had done. If their is enough time that you might be able to give it back to the owner and he/she will call off the police to come after you and that is how you deal with challenges.

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  1. WoW timeus this is great work about kiwi can keep up the good work

  2. WoW timeus this is great work about kiwi can keep up the good work