Thursday, 7 September 2017

Maths Reflection:Fraction of a Set

Today I am going to be reflecting on my maths for our work title, 'Fractions of a set'. I have been answering some of the questions that I know and I am going to be showing you Four questions of my maths problem that I have been doing for two days. The first question that I will be reflecting is the first question that I did first which is 1/5 of 40 = 8. I know that 5 divided by 40 equals 8 and I multiplied 8 x 1 which equals 8 and then now I know that 1/5 of 40 is 8 because 8 x 1 = 8. What I found challenging about this question is that I was thinking of what is 1/5 of 40 is and it hard because I don't know what the answer to 40 but now I know that 1/5 of 40 = 8.

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