Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What I did in the Weekend reflection

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Today I am going to be talking about my reflection of what I did in the weekend last week. In the Weekends I was excited because I went with my mom, My dad and my grandma to go to my grandmas to meet my Aunty peri at Grotto St. My mom buyed some desserts such as Doughnuts, Cream doughnut and more. It was for my aunty because we went to visit her at her home with her husband. When we arrived at home we were letting my grandma out and make sure that she doesn't go anywhere because she gets lost sometimes. I saw my aunty looking at us and told us to come inside. She was nice to have us come to her house to visit and I was so excited. So we let grandma be careful to climb the steps because her house is on top of the bottom house. Her house looks cool because she has a living room with the outside door and the kitchen was on the right. Our aunty was greeting use to her home but sometimes she repeats the same thing that she says because she and my grandma have lost memory but still she remembers her past. My aunty cooked some dinner for use because she was waiting for us to come so that we can eat with her and her husband. After dinner me and my family started talking to each other and talking about things that they did with their families. Me and my dad were sleeping, My dad was sleeping in the couch and I was sleeping on my auntys bed but I so excited that we visit her and her husband at their house.

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