Thursday, 7 September 2017

What my Ancestors Are/Do? Reflection

Today I am going to be talking about my Ancestry poem for my reflection. I will be talking about my ancestors or what they do but first I am going to be reading this out to you guys just in case my words are little. 'I am Timeus, I was born as a afakasi because I had Two cultural islands, Tonga and Cook Island. I was born in New Zealand but no siblings in my family's legacy. But that does not matter, I have my Ancestors. My Ancestors help me to achieve my only top goal which is being able to help my ancestors to make them proud of what I am doing. My ancestors are founded in a island with a island that is filled with joy. My Ancestors help the island to become a better place. It filled me with strength to remember the remaining pieces that was made by My Ancestors. I ask my ancestors to stand by me as I move forward. Two cultures of me becomes my passion from life to somewhere more relaxing in my two cultural islands. I call my ancestors upon things that would made me proud and joyful moments of that things that they done for me. Somedays I able to give them what I wanted is excitement and filling everyone with joy.' What found about this poem is that I was able to rhyme with my poem to make sure that it sound like a poem and I able to use clear sentences in my ancestry poem.

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