Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Timeus Basketball Indigenous example

IALT: Write a reflection of an example about basketball and Where is Originated from?

Today I am going to be talking about which sport is originated and who made this sport. Today I chose basketball because its one of my favorite sport and also rugby but for now I chose basketball. This is an example of my slide about basketball but I haven't finished it yet but I will still be working on it. Of course everyone know's basketball but I am going to be talking about what it means by this sport for those that do not know. 'Basketball is a physical sport that helps for balance and handling skills'. What it means by this line is that it helps to use your hands as like a ball and you bounce the ball and also move around while bouncing the ball, Also moving the ball side to side like a V shape. 'The person who made this game of sport was by the name james naismith. Naismith was the person who created and invented basketball'. How he made this sport is that he used a ball and a bucket because he wanted to throw something that could make a score. So he grabbed the ball from his hands and he throw/shoots it inside the hoop in Springfield, Massachusetts and thats how basketball was made. What I found interest about this game is that it helped me develop more of my learning in order to know how to play this game. How to play this game is that you have five players each in two teams and you have to try and win by throwing the ball inside the hoop in order to win. You have two ways of winning, Their are paint zones that are important to score. You have a 3pt of the outside range, 2pt is in the middle of the basketball range and the key is where the Position C which stands for centre has to protect the inside key so that other players won't get the point. What I found challenging about this sport is that it was hard for me to choose which sport 

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